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"Naked Lady" 10M 1850s 1860s 1900s 1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1990s 19th Century 26M/30M Connqueror 6M 8M Adolphe Edouard Sax adolphe sax American Aristocrat artist Artist's Special Artist/Standard Model B & S Bare Brass Bb Tenor Black Lacquer black nickel Brazed tone holes Buescher C Melody C Melody Tenor Conn Curved Bb Soprano Custom Built Dave Guardala New York Double-Socket Neck Drawn Tone Holes eb Eb Alto Eb alto - Low A Eb baritone Evette & Schaeffer Buffet-Crampon Eyebrow keyguards F Alto F Mezzo Soprano French Germanic GetASax.com gold gold plate Gold Wash Bell Guatrot HN White http://soundfuga.jp Jimmy Dorsey Model Julius Keilwerth JW York King Lacquer Lacquer Body; Nickel Keywork Left side bell keys Low A to Altissimo F# Low A to altissmo F Low B to altissimo F Low Bb to Altissimo F Mark VI Marquet microtuner Modele 1922 Modele 22 Series New Wonder New Wonder Transitional Nickel Perma-Gold Finish portrait QuinnTheEskimo refinished Relacquered Rev. D right side bell keys rolled tone holes Sarrusophone Selmer Selmer Super Series (SSS) Sheet Metal Keyguards silver plate silver plated silver plated body; gold plated keywork SML SML Super Series Soldered Tone Holes split bell keys Straight Eb Alto Straight Tone Holes Super 20 True Tone Underslung Octave Key Vintage Brass Finish virtuoso deluxe weltklang Werner Roth Wero Royal; wire keyguards www.ancientpoint.com Zephyr Special